How good are the Redskins?

I’ve watched every game this season and have no idea.  Conventional wisdom says that you are what your record is and at 3-4, that could make sense, but you get the feeling they are not that good and are leveraging a phenomenal talent at quarterback who is masking team-wide defects.


The play of Robert Griffin III has been incredible.  His leadership and playmaking ability are way better than the advanced billing.  The decision-making on when to take on and shy away from contact has been suspect, but the willingness to courageously compete has never been questioned.  RG3 is a huge play waiting to happen on every snap and the Skins have figured out how to scheme with him on offense and more importantly, have their man for the next 10 years.

Continuity is important along the offensive line and the Skins have started the same unit for every game.  Griffin is making the unit appear to be better than advertised.  Supposedly a weakness in the preseason, the Skins lead the league in rushing yards per game and RG3 is clearly forcing opponents to defend the whole field, as well as every player at the skill positions, which is opening up truck size holes for sixth round draft pick, Alfred Morris.

Alfred Morris

I love Morris because he is a north-south runner and doesn’t go out-of-bounds.  Blessed with the ability to pick up yards after contact, he has the Skins ground attack humming.  They ground out 248 yards against the Giants in Week 7 but dropped the contest 27-23.

So this team runs the ball, stops the run (7th in the league), has a solid turnover margin and has scored four defensive TDs.  On paper they look like a 11-5 or 12-4 squad but without RG3, they’re probably no better than 5-11.  Why the poor record?  In short, their secondary is putrid.   Through seven games they’ve given up a whopping 29 plays of over 20 yards and seven over 40, the last of which cost them dearly against the Giants.  On the game winning 77-yard pass from Eli Manning to Hector Cruz, they had Cruz and the other wideout both double covered and still got beat.  Time to give some guys on the practice squad a chance because the starters are wasting some great effort on offense.  For years the Skins have been horrible on offense, with a lot of the blame resting on the quarterback, and played tough defense that kept them in games but ultimately capitulated because of the inability to score.  The tables are now turned.  At least this squad is a thrill to watch with RG3 at the helm.  Hope he stays healthy because if he doesn’t, it’s gonna get ugly. HTTR!

About Brian Penn

Avid sports fan and golf nut. I am a lifelong resident of the Washington D.C. area and love to follow the local teams. Also worked as a golf professional in the Middle Atlantic PGA for several years and am intrigued by the game to no end. I love to play and practice and am dedicated to continual improvement.
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