Who really cares about the World Baseball Classic?

Do you really follow the WBC?  For sports fans of major league baseball, the WBC is a distraction and meaningless waste of time.  I don’t get how fans of the Latin American countries can get so juiced about the thing.  Baseball’s big stage is MLB.  The ultimate prize is the World Series Championship.  The Dominicans and Mexicans and Puerto Ricans love this thing, just like the Canadians love Olympic hockey.  The event does nothing to promote the game worldwide and is akin to adding golf to the Olympics.  More exposure to these sports when you have full professional leagues with the world’s best players continually on display just dilutes the product.  The only reason I passively follow WBC is to keep tabs on Baltimore Orioles center fielder, Adam Jones

Adam Jones

Adam Jones

and my hopes that he can stay healthy.  Orioles pitcher Miguel Gonzalez

could have played for the Mexican team and when he opted out I was pleased.  After watching the Mexicans and Canadians full scale dust up, I was overjoyed.  What an utterly stupid and dangerous event.

Miguel Gonzalez

Miguel Gonzalez

I never root against teams from the United States, but find myself pulling for early elimination from this charade so Jones can return safely to the business at hand in Sarasota.  Can we get rid of this thing once and for all?

About Brian Penn

Avid sports fan and golf nut. I am a lifelong resident of the Washington D.C. area and love to follow the local teams. Also worked as a golf professional in the Middle Atlantic PGA for several years and am intrigued by the game to no end. I love to play and practice and am dedicated to continual improvement.
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